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School is for everyone!

Updated: Jun 6

Dear Friends of Living Channel

Kenny is a spunky 12-year-old with down syndrome.  He has an infectious smile and a hug for everyone. Kenny was attending school and learning to read, write, add and subtract. Because Kenny would get up from his desk and go visit his friends in other classes, the school said he had to leave.

Many children with disabilities are capable of learning basic skills, like simple math, literacy and life skills which would increase their independence and long-term quality of life. These skills can help kids like Kenny become a contributing member to his family and community, instead of a burden to his parents. Unfortunately, the schools in rural Rwanda do not have the training or space to work with children like Kenny. 

Kenny and others need a program to help prepare them to attend a regular school. Local schools need a chance to see that these kids can succeed. Just $49 a month allows a child like Kenny to attend a small group tutoring program where he will get individualized help and instruction and all the supplies he needs to learn and grow.

You will receive a picture of your child, progress reports 3 times a year, and the opportunity to send emailed letters of encouragement.  Won’t you sponsor a child today? Kenny and others are waiting for your help.

We are in the process of fundraising for an expanded Children’s Center and Sewing Coop that would provide ongoing care, education, and rehab for the children, with respite, job training and counselling for their parents. If you would like more information, click here.

To partner with us donate here

To have someone come and talk to your church or group about this or other projects email us at

God bless

Esther and Julia

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