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Children Waiting

Many children with disabilities are capable of learning basic skills, like simple math, literacy and life skills which would increase their independence and long-term quality of life. These skills can help a child become a contributing member to his or her family and community, instead of a burden to their parents. Unfortunately, the schools in rural Rwanda do not have the training or space to work with children with disabilities. 


Just $49 a month allows us to provide a tutor and all the supplies need to teach children in small groups with individualized programs, designed to help them succeed.

You will receive a picture of your child, progress reports 3 times a year, and the opportunity to send emailed letters of encouragement.  Won’t you sponsor a child today? These children are waiting for your help.

Age:12 years old                        Gender: Male

Location: Mukarange, District Kayonza, Rwanda 

Kenny is an adorable 12-year-old with down syndrome.  He has an infectious smile and a hug for everyone.Kenny was attending school and learning to read, write and add and subtract. Because Kenny would get up from his desk and go visit his friends in other classes, the school said he had to leave.

Kenny wants to go back to school and keep learning. Won't you help?

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Byiringiro Kenny

elizabeth 4_edited.jpg
Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2


Age: 13 years old                        Gender: Female 

Location: Gahini, District Kayonza, Rwanda 

Elizabeth is a sweet girl with down syndrome. She was attending school for a little while, but they didn't know how to teach her, and her parents couldn't afford to send her to a special school in the city.  Now she stays home and helps her mom look after their chickens.

She told us "I want to go to school, but i don't have a notebook anymore"

Will you help Elizabeth achieve her dreams?

Age: 8 years old                        Gender: Female

Address : Kabarondo, District Kayonza,Rwanda 

Mutoni’s mother attends our sewing program and is quickly learning the skills she needs to care for her family.  Unable to find childcare or a school for Mutoni, she has been bringing her to the sewing class.  Mutoni quickly gets bored and disruptive.  All the other mothers are becoming frustrated.

A sponsor for Mutoni would let her attend a class of her own where she would be challenged and learn the skills she need to become independent.

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Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2


Age:12 years old                        Gender: Female

Location: Gahini, District Kayonza, Rwanda 

Sandrine is a sweet shy girl with autism.  She was attending school, but the other children kept picking on her and beating her up when the teacher wasn't looking.  Finally her parents had to pull her out of school.  Now she sits at home all day.  Sponsorship would let Sandrine go to a local specialized school program where she could learn in a safe environment.

Age:                         Gender:


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new child coming soon

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