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Our Core Values

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We Are Committed To:

  • Empowering children with disabilities and their families to rise out of poverty.

  • Advocating for the well-being and equal opportunities of individuals with severe mental and physical disabilities.

  • Challenging negative perceptions of people with disabilities, wherever they are found.

  • Providing quality services and opportunities to individuals with severe disabilities and their families.

  • ​Being Channels of Christ's love to the most vulnerable and marginalized people regardless of abilities, race, religion, ethnicity, or gender.

We Believe:

  • In the value, strengths and potential of every individual.

  • That every person has the right to follow their chosen lifestyle.

  • In helping every person participate fully in their community.

  • In supporting people to make informed choices.

  • In partnering with individuals to reach their goals.

  • In walking alongside people, instead of just giving handouts.

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Our Goal

Bring real and lasting change to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children and adults.

Will you join us?

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