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Hunt for a Bus

Have you ever carried a small child on your back for a long distance? Think of how tired and sore you can get. Now imagine that child is growing bigger, maybe even approaching adulthood..... ​

In the province of Kayonza, Rwanda that is a reality for many mothers of children with disabilities. These rural moms must travel long distances carrying growing children on their backs, or risk balancing them precariously on motorcycle taxis. ​ Living Channel Services is committed to raising $20,000 for a small bus to transport the children and their mothers safely to necessary activities.

So how can you help?

You can donate directly through our gift catalog (and get a free printable card to give away) or join us on our virtual scavenger hunt. For only $10/person or $35/family, you can have a week of fun and help us get one step closer to our goal.

Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar we raise for this project will be matched, helping us get to our goal in half the time!

Won't you join us now?

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