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We work hard everyday to better the lives of families in our area through our many projects — including feeding our children and their families, starting community gardens and forming coops to help families break the cycle of poverty and gain independence and self respect. Learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact! Contact us if you’d like more information on how to donate or volunteer.

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In Canada we have many blessings and opportunities. But for people with disabilities, many of the things that most of us take for granted are beyond their reach.


What if you couldn't leave your house because your wheelchair wouldn't fit in your car, and a portable chair was considered a luxury? Imagine being unable to hear what others are saying because you can't afford your hearing aids.  What if you were denied the ability to stand, because standing aids are only provided to children under 18?

Living Channel Services helps raise funds to provide equipment that will give a better life to children and adults with disabilities here in Canada.  Equipment that will help them participate more fully in activities we all take for granted, and to become active members of our society.

Covid-19 Bucket Project

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COVID-19 has brought fear and uncertainty across the world.  But imagine living in a place where you have no safety net, and your ability to feed your children is severely compromised.  This is the daily reality of many families who were already living in extreme poverty in Rwanda.


Living Channel Services started the bucket project to give basic necessities to the families we support in this time of crisis. 

Each family in the community with a special needs child, will receive a bucket containing enough food for 3 months: cooking oil, powdered milk, sugar, rice, beans, posho(maize flour),  as well as healthcare coverage, and medication if required.


Living Channel Services has already had an impact bringing happiness, joy, and love to the lives of the less fortunate.  With your support we can continue this ministry until this crisis ends.

     Sewing Coop

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Women living in extreme poverty may have to leave disabled children alone or to be cared for by young siblings, while out trying to find food or work to support their families.  Living Channel Services is committed to setting up sewing co-ops where mothers of special needs children can:

  • come together to learn new skills

  • gain opportunities to earn an income 

  • enjoy the company of other mothers 

  • be assured that their disabled children are safely cared for nearby.

Nutrition and Medical

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Living Channel Services implements locally run nutrition and hygiene education, as well as health care promotion.

We also provide access to health care coverage, rehabilitation, and any necessary monthly medications. 

Buy a Bus

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Have you ever carried a small child on your back for a long distance?  Think of how tired and sore you can get.  Now imagine that child is growing bigger, maybe even approaching adulthood.....

In the province of Kayonza, Rwanda that is a reality for many mothers of children with disabilities.  These rural moms must travel long distances carrying growing children on their backs, or risk balancing them precariously on motorcycle taxis.

Living Channel Services is committed to raising funds for a small bus to transport the children and their mothers to necessary activities. 

Economic Empowerment

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Living Channel Services helps mothers of disabled children build and maintain community animal co-ops where they can work together providing not only financial security but relief from dependence and a community that supports each other and works together for a brighter future.

Training in animal care ensures that the families are well equipped to raise their chosen animals

Caring and Sharing

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Living Channel Services offers programs for mothers and their children covering life management, skills training and social support to break the stigma attached to disabilities.  Mothers and children learn and grow together and are introduced to the concept of God's unconditional love.

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